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Prevera Construction Company Limited.

has company of experts for complex construction and engineering projects and interdisciplinary & technical complete solutions. Prevera Construction Company Limited is a solidarity- minded company, our generation model opens the way for employees to become partners over the years.

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What we do

Our Services

Project Planning and Computation, Constructions, Project Management, Control and Monitoring, Surveys and consultancy, Due Diligence.

We protect against emissions of all kinds, create sustainable buildings with optimized building physics to live and work in a clean-up where asbestos is causing problems.


>> Studies on noise, vibrations, air hygiene, climate, electromagnetic fields or light and shading during EIA procedures and other statutory procedures
>> Calculations/prognoses and definition of measures
>> Public relations and representation with public authorities >> Permissions under trade law for businesses and plants >> Additional measurements, „Structural Health Monitoring “
>> Planning and dimensioning of elastic support for buildings, static and structural design of anti- vibration measures in railway superstructures and substructures >> Planning and supervision of building physics
>> Planning, tendering and supervision of the disposal of pollutants
>> Expert opinions for public authorities

We devise intelligent building management systems to ensure the sustainable and energy-efficient operation of buildings and infrastructure.


  • >> Planning and site supervision
  • >> Project monitoring (deadlines, costs, quality)
  • >> Technical reports and consulting services
  • >> Electromagnetic fields (EMF) in power engineering
  • >> Technical due diligence and project audits
  • >> Specialisations in Hospitals, educational institutions, tunnel projects and district heating

Based on expertise and enthusiasm we develop innovative solutions for individual projects and contribute to the latest national and international developments in the water sector.


  • >> Engineering and consultancy services
  • >> Infrastructure design, monitoring, backstopping and supervision of implementation
  • >> Socio-economic and financial analysis of infrastructure investment and operation
  • >> Advisory services for institutional and legal reform
  • >> Capacity development and training
  • >> Applied research and thematic studies
  • >> Policy and strategy development
  • >> Programme and project identification and preparation
  • >> Project implementation, supervision and monitoring
  • >> Review and evaluation of projects, programmes and policies

We offer geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological planning, consulting and site supervision for infrastructure, geothermal energy, wind power, hydropower and mining projects.


  • >> Development of geological, geotechnical and hydrogeological investigation programmes
  • >> Design, assessment and site supervision of geothermal energy projects
  • >> Geological, structural geological and hydrogeological modelling
  • >> Interpretation of geological, geotechnical, geophysical and hydrogeological data
  • >> Geotechnical design of ground and rock slopes and foundations of all kinds
  • >> Geotechnical expert opinions with a focus on rock mechanics and verification of stability for mining operations
  • >> Geological and geotechnical risk assessment and management
  • >> Consulting services and expert opinions covering all aspects of geology, geotechnical engineering, tunneling, construction operation and construction contracts
  • >> Geotechnical monitoring, especially of tunneling sites, design and interpretation of geotechnical measurements

We ensure planning, consulting, site supervision and project management in the fields of geotechnical engineering, underground engineering and mining.


  • >> Design of tunnels, shafts, caverns and provision of underground engineering services for road, railway, metro, hydropower and mining projects >> Geotechnical and structural tunnel design in soft ground and rock
  • >> Geotechnical design of soil and rock slopes
  • >> Geotechnical expert opinion with a focus on rock mechanics and stability analyses in mines and quarries
  • >> Consulting services covering all aspects of geotechnical engineering, tunneling, construction operation and construction contracts
  • >> Project management controlling of tunneling and underground engineering projects
  • >> Geotechnical supervision of tunneling sites, design and interpretation of geotechnical monitoring and geotechnical risk management

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Our Management Team

Our People




Bleneson Group is led by our dynamic President Engineer Lawson Ngoa, a practicing Civil Engineer with over twenty years of experience in delivering major engineering projects across various engineering fields including dredging, bridge building, installation and monitoring of oil and gas pipelines and affordable housing construction. Proven to be a diligent, honest and visionary leader exhibiting a high level of integrity and drive as well as an unshakeable determination to succeed, he is recognized by industry players and sits on the board of trustees in a number of financial, investment, construction and Engineering firms. He is a shrewd business man whose passion has built Bleneson Group from scratch and turned it into a multi-billion naira organisation. His drive for fair and affordable housing has led to his engagement as the developer of choice for various construction and infrastructural development projects in the country in both public and private sectors of the larger economy. His “hands on” approach ensures that good relations are maintained between our clients and The Company at all times instilling that same passion in those who work with him.



Managing Director, Prevera Construction Company

Ahmad Mustapha Messlmani is the Managing Director of Prevera Construction Ltd. with over nineteen years post qualification and professional experience in construction (building and infrastructure) , project management and infrastructural development. With a rich background and experience in construction, Ahmad has been severally involved in depth and details of the execution and management of more than 60 (sixty) major projects located across major cities of the world valued at more than $6billion (six billion USD) in the course of his professional career. Ahmad has led site construction teams for identification and solutions of several construction issues, worked in building projects, industrial factories and infrastructure projects and has developed various environment management systems for estates, industrial and residential cities all over the world. His extensive and diverse hands on global experience garnered over the years has made him a much sought after construction and infrastructure development expert. Ahmad a global citizen by years of practical works is a Lebanon national with several practical working experience in Nigeria is married with children

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